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                      Incredible 3D Look, Lifelike Appearance                            100% Hand-stitched, Family Legacy




Welcome to King Silk Art! With tens of thousands of satisfied customers in more than 47 countries, we are the world’s foremost creator of Susho ( Also called 'Suzhou Handmade Silk Embroidery Art', 'Chinese hand embroidery silk painting', 'needle painting', 'silk thread painting', 'hand embroidery painting', 'Su embroidery silk art').

Nourished by rains, gentle breezes and a history written in poetry, our home, Suzhou, was a tranquil water village for thousands of years. Today, Suzhou ( Suzou) is a prosperous city, and deeply proud of our ancient heritage, the silk embroidery art, Susho (刺绣 Ci Xiu). The beauty of our landscape and serene lifestyle has attracted artists for generations. With such an inspirational environment, the artists of Suzhou(Suzou) use pure silk thread and tiny needles to express the most exquisite parts of our surroundings with Susho.

King Silk Art creates 100% hand embroidery silk paintings. Our talented hand embroidery artists in Suzhou spend months and sometimes years hand stitching each gorgeous work of framed silk wall art. King Silk Art's hand-stitched Chinese silk embroidery is a completely natural form of silk art ( "silk thread painting" ). No glues, paint or machinery, just silk, vegetable dyes and a needle.


Please click on the videos below to see how we create our "Suzhou Silk Art" 


                           World Famous Suzhou Silk Art Family Story                                                     Forest's 21st Century Silk Road


Nearly 2200 years ago, in Suzhou, China, the first Emperor of China placed eleven families in Suzhou, China to create hand embroidery Silk Art for the imperial families. Those eleven families created this unique style of handmade Chinese silk embroidery artwork, now known as Susho. The Chinese silk embroidery industry today in Suzhou is still mostly family companies.

A descendant of one of the original families, Forest Qing Zhang, King Silk Art's founder and President, built our family's company into a global business. Forest’s 21st Century Silk Road began in Canada in 2004, hit the US in 2006, arrived in London in 2008, and expended to Australia in 2011. The next destination for our Silk Road is the worldwide web; we are now bringing our exquisite Silk Art to the entire globe through the Internet. 

Our Master and Museum Collections art pieces are so exquisitely refined, the delicacy and precision of the artwork cannot be truly captured by a photograph. The incredible quality, the shimmering silk, the 3D resolution, the lifelike appearance and the sheer artistic talent is like nothing you have ever seen before! You must come see our Susho in person!

How and where can you see this unique artwork in person? We are making it possible now! We will open hundreds, even thousands of new show rooms all over the world while so you can just walk in and take a look. We will also attend hundreds of different shows all around the world, surely near your neighborhood, so you can visit in person!

If you are an art distributor or small business owner, please come and join our big Susho family! We would love to work as a team to develop distribution channels, open a showroom in your local community, and help Susho become as famous in your area as it is in the rest of the world. Life is beautiful, unique Susho will make your life even more beautiful!


A unique silk art gift!                                                                                             



Museum Quality - Unique, High Value                                                                                                                  

Understanding Susho   Traditional Chinese Imperial Art   Museum Quality, High Value


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